Turnkey project financing

AQUA-CAP® : Turnkey
project financing

To help you get started with your ECOVISION XL projects, AQUARTIS is pleased to offer AQUA-CAP® financing. This unique program allows you to enjoy the multiple financial and environmental benefits of water recycling without the need for an additional investment.

Through this long-term partnership, AQUARTIS covers the costs of manufacturing and installing a recycling system designed just for you. Then, AQUARTIS professionals operate the equipment for 25 years and cover all related costs, including maintenance and energy consumption.

To repay the cost of the equipment over time, you pay only for the recycled water it produces, which costs less than potable water. After 25 years, AQUARTIS transfers ownership of the equipment to you. At that time, a maintenance and operation contract can be drawn up based on your needs.

Advantages of the AQUA-CAP® program:

No cost

The ECOVISION ES® system recycles greywater from bath tubs, showers, and bathroom sinks for use in toilet flushing, outdoor irrigation, or other purposes.

No risk

AQUARTIS is fully responsible for the project and assumes all risks.

Save now

By paying less for recycled water than you would for potable water, you save big on operating costs, starting in the very first year!

24/7 Service

AQUARTIS professionals operate the equipment 24/7 so you can be sure of optimal performance and stable, high-quality recycled water.

How to get started
with water recycling?

Want to start recycling water?

  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Safeguard your water supply
  • Manage water responsibly

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