Fully automated greywater recycling systems.
This simplified version of the ECOVISION® system is an affordable solution for sustainable
water management in single-family homes and cottages.

Applications and features

The ECOVISION ES® system recycles greywater from bath tubs, showers,
and bathroom sinks for use in toilet flushing, outdoor irrigation, or other purposes



Storage tank:

250-liters (66–US gallon)



ECOVISION-ES-250 is the system used most often in single-family homes and cottages.

  • Water treatment process combines self-cleaning filtration with liquid chlorine disinfection
  • Automatically switches to potable water if there is a shortage of recycled water

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Heat recovery

Each ECOVISION® system can be equipped with a heat recovery device to recover heat from the recycled greywater and preheat cold water before it reaches the water heater, thus lower the building’s energy consumption.

Two significant benefits—less potable water and less energy used—in one system!

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Installation of a greywater recycling system in a single-family home

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  • Reduce your operating costs
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