INTELLO technology

INTELLO is a unique, patent-pending technology that makes it easy
to install greywater recycling systems in existing commercial bathrooms, without the need for renovations.
INTELLO helps organizations save a significant amount of potable water
and demonstrates their commitment to innovation and sustainable development.

Applications and features

Installed under the countertop of an existing commercial bathroom,
INTELLO recycles greywater from washbasins
and uses it for flushing toilets and urinals.



Fully automated



Water treatment using multiple barriers and an INTELLO® tablet for disinfection and foam control

  • Comes with self-adhesive wall signs to remind users of the importance of sustainable water management
  • Automatically switches to potable water if there is a shortage of recycled water

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INTELLO® tablets

Developed by scientists, the INTELLO® tablet is central to the system. Among other things, it controls foam and disinfects without chlorine, preventing strong odors and premature damage to fixtures that chlorine and liquid bleach products can cause.

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Installation of INTELLO technology in an existing government building

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  • Safeguard your water supply
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