Custom projects

AQUARTIS offers a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions
for standard water recycling needs. In agricultural and industrial settings,
wastewater contains a variety of contaminants requiring a made-to-order treatment and recycling process.

AQUARTIS: The reference


  1. Needs analysis and wastewater characterization
  2. Designing a made-to-order system 
  3. Manufacturing and installing the system
  4. System support, operation, and maintenance based on your needs

Our strong expertise makes AQUARTIS the best in the business for safely and efficiently implementing your water recycling project. In partnership with the best research facilities, our team will help you find the solution with the lowest health and operational risks and the highest environmental benefits and cost savings. We have the solution for all your needs.

How to get started
with water recycling?

Want to start recycling water?

  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Safeguard your water supply
  • Manage water responsibly

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