Install a rainwater recycling system in a commercial building.

The result

Annual water consumption fell

(final results expected in late 2018)

What the client needed

For its new headquarters, Lumenpulse wanted an innovative building at the leading edge of sustainable development. The MONTONI group, which owns the building, decided to install a rainwater recycling system to reduce the environmental impact and obtain LEED certification.

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Project features

  • 140,000 sq. ft. building where the company’s manufacturing and engineering operations are located
  • 300 employees work in the building
  • Rainwater from roof drains recycled for use in toilet flushing
le recyclage de l'eau

The solution

  • ECOVISION-H-1600
  • Installed indoors in a service room
  • Uses a 15 HP pump

System features


Fully automated hybrid system. The best solution on the market for maximizing water recycling in commercial buildings.

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How to get started
with water recycling?

Want to start recycling water?

  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Safeguard your water supply
  • Manage water responsibly

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