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Install a greywater recycling system in a multifamily building.

The result

Annual water consumption fell by
1,900,000 liters

an estimated


savings per year

(equivalent to the amount used to flush toilets)

What the client needed

The developers were seeking to construct a unique, eco-friendly building and wanted to optimize water use while minimizing the building’s impact on the local aquifer.

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Project features

  • 11,000 sq. ft. building, with 13 condos (3 residents per unit)
  • Volume of greywater recycled per day: 5,400 liters (1,426 US gallons)
  • Greywater from bathroom sinks, showers, and washbasins recycled for use in toilet flushing
le recyclage de l'eau

The solution

  • ECOVISION-2400 with built-in heat recovery
  • Installed in a service room in the basement

System features


ECOVISION is the best fully automated greywater recycling system on the market for sustainable water management in small to medium-sized buildings.

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How to get started
with water recycling?

Want to start recycling water?

  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Safeguard your water supply
  • Manage water responsibly

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