City of Montreal

Install INTELLO technology in an existing government building.

The result

Annual water consumption fell

(final results expected in late 2018)

Raising citizens' awareness to
saving drinking water.

What the client needed

The City of Montreal wanted to make residents aware of the importance of sustainable water use. The decision was made to install INTELLO technology at Maison de la culture de Pointe-aux-Trembles, a government building with a library, performance hall, and exhibition space.

projet 1

Project features

  • Four bathrooms, each with three washbasins and full-flow faucets (12 L/min)
  • Two men’s bathrooms with two toilets (14 L per flush) and two urinals (4.8 L per flush)
  • Two ladies’ bathrooms with four toilets (14 L per flush)
  • Greywater from washbasins recycled for use in flushing toilets and urinals.
le recyclage de l'eau

The solution

  • Four INTELLO systems, one per bathroom
  • Systems installed under the countertops
  • Full installation of the four systems completed within two days, without the need for renovations

System features


INTELLO is a unique, patent-pending technology that makes it easy to quickly install greywater recycling systems in existing commercial bathrooms, without the need for renovations.

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How to get started
with water recycling?

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